Debit Card Information

Are you traveling this Spring or Summer? We wanted you to be aware that all International rights have been blocked on your debit card as a safety precaution. Fraud is always on the rise, and this will help us keep your account protected. If you would like the block released for an upcoming travel arrangement, please notify us at least a week beforehand, so we can get that change made for you. Thank you for banking with us!

*** CSB NEWS ***

Effective September 1, 2017, our Palmer location was issued a new physical address by Ellis County. Our physical address is still: 1045 N Interstate 45 in Palmer, Texas. The changes made for 911 purposes were to: 8045 N. Interstate 45 Service Rd, Palmer, TX 75152. Our post office box was not affected. Our mailing address is still: P.O. Box 820, Palmer, TX 75152. If you have any questions, please call us at (972) 449-2283.

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